As the globe shifts closer to a technologically efficient age, the need for effective, transparent infrastructure specific to business and building wealth is paramount – as a result, an emphasis on technology and emerging markets should be placed on asset and fund management.

Established in 2016, Omni has positioned itself as a pioneer in the digital assets and cryptocurrency space with a strong focus on blockchain incubation in emerging markets. It is our mission to bridge the gap between first world and developing nations to leverage and advance blockchain technology. 

Our team comprises of individuals proficient in traditional finance and emerging technology.  Having a cumulative experience of well over 25 years, we focus on building diversified portfolios that remain true to the core values of our clients and our company.

Within the coming years we foresee a world readily accepting of tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies. A world fully integrated in efficient cross border day to day business activity with institutions and governments leading the way.